The Nightmare Song

The Christmas Nightmare Song

Your nuts roasting on an open fire;
Mike Pence clipping off your toe;
Your bride Carol being tongued by Paul Ryan:
Not jokes messed up like news that’s faux,
Everybody knows that Trumpey with our missile codes
Helps to make these nightmares bright.
Whiny snots with red ties worn too low
Make it hard to sleep at night.

They care that Santa isn’t gay.
They focus all their justices on Roe v Wade.
But every decent child and FBI
Wanna see if Putin really knew how to spy.
And so I’m offering this simple phrase
To swing states that should now be blue.
Although it’s been tweeted many times, many ways,
On this Christmas, screw you.

They want to kill the working class.
These loaded good ol’ boys will get us in the ass.
And every right-wing pile is gonna try
To give the sincere reason to cry.
And so I’m offering this sinful phrase
To ids who’ve-voted-straight-Republican since ’Ninety-Two.
Although it’s been Facebooked many times, many ways,
On this Christmas, (middle finger) you.

This is not normal.

A little verse because the things that rhyme are so. very. disturbing. (I’ve written a few that are more humorous, as well.)

Herr Drumpf does not see guile,
As those who do find fault might.
Having never seen such swine furor,
I wonder how can he not see?


Decrease Left Margin by Arthur Shlain from the Noun ProjectWords worth your consideration regarding theater and employment for those at the margins.

“I respect the view of any actors or stage managers who are fully informed of their rights and choices and wish to [donate] their talent to the stage … but it does not follow that the freedom to volunteer should infringe on the rights of the most vulnerable among us, who are legally entitled to be paid for their work. … For those at the margins of our community, a little help can make a big difference in their quality of life. It may enable them to continue in the field that we all cherish so deeply. It’s that crucial oil change you neglected so you can keep driving to rehearsals. It’s taking a day off from a stressful day-job. It’s their money, they earned it, and if they ask for it, it’s the law.”

From non-union producer David Mack.

The American Taliban

What the Tea Party believes in:

  • Ideological purity
  • Compromise as weakness
  • A fundamentalist belief in scriptural literalism
  • Denying science
  • Unmoved by facts
  • Undeterred by new information
  • A hostile fear of progress
  • A demonization of education
  • A need to control women’s bodies
  • Severe xenophobia
  • Tribal mentality
  • Intolerance of dissent
  • Pathological hatred of the US government

Thank you, Aaron, for this true list of bad things.