A little verse because the things that rhyme are so. very. disturbing. (I’ve written a few that are more humorous, as well.)

Herr Drumpf does not see guile,
As those who do find fault might.
Having never seen such swine furor,
I wonder how can he not see?

Julie Zahn, Aloma Wright, Kerry Washington, Tom Verica, Larry Trilling, John Terlesky, Alisa Taylor, Darby Stanchfield, Patrick Robert Smith, Brian Slaten, Brennan Shaw, Erica Shaffer, Phyllis Schuringa, Richard Riehle, Bridget Regan, Christopher Misiano, Jeff Marlow, Norm Macdonald, William Lu, Allison Liddi‑Brown, Young Jean Lee, Claire Koonce, Asante Jones, Ulf Johansson, Lisa Hamil, Shannon Hagenbuch, Yetta Gottesman, Tony Goldwyn, Meg Fister, Danielle Eskinazi, Peter Dubois, Christopher Dihn, Ed Deraney, Seve Canales, Cassie Brennan, Frank Boyd, Mell Bowser, Jodie Bowman, Bill Blair, Stephen Belber, Hayley Atwell, Amrapali Ambegaokar

I’m sure I’ve missed a few, but I’m glad that these fine folk — casting directors, actors, writers, directors, producers, agents — were an active part of my year in acting work. Thank you!

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(WEDNESDAY UPDATE: It was a blast last night, but I don’t expect to go on again. Will post more updates if that changes!)

A short, exciting update: I’ve been understudying Straight White Men at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City, and I’ve just learned that I’m going on for tonight’s performance (Tuesday, Dec 15 at 8pm).

The play and its author, Young Jean Lee, have generated a lot of talk, including at least three recent articles in the LA Times. Information about this production, including tickets and driving directions, can be found on the Center Theatre Group’s site.

That’s it! Short message because I have a lot of other things to do right now (!), but I will be tweeting updates with the hashtag #swmigo, i.e., Straight White Men — I’m going on!

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Spent the weekend doing the work of my union as a delegate to the 2015 SAG-AFTRA National Convention. An honor to serve. Many emotional moments. The work we did is private, or will be shared on the union web site, but the Convention was also a great social occasion! Convention

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