Recent bookings this fall:
Shot another episode of Scandal. Oh the spoilers I could tell.
Did an episode of Jane the Virgin as a cheap lawyer. Fun scene!
Worked on Faking It as a pageant announcer. Purple bow-tie awesomeness.
Filmed an episode of Marry Me as a, let’s just say, well-meaning pediatrician.

That last one might actually be the most hilarious. Marry Me is very funny so far in its first episodes, and that shoot was definitely the zaniest. We wrapped in the wee hours of the morning and it was cuh-razy! I’ll post more here and/or on Twitter for all of them as their air dates approach.

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We learned tonight that Breath and Imagination has been nominated for the 2014 Ovation Awards in the category of Best Play (Large Theatre). And Karan has an individual nomination, too!

Looking forward to the award ceremony on Sunday, November 2.

Breath and Imagination reunion

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My show at the Colony Theatre in Burbank, Breath and Imagination, proved to be very special, with an electric response from our audiences, unlike anything else I’ve ever been a part of.

There are many good reviews to share:
“Kevin Ashworth outdoes himself.” — StageSceneLA
“Elijah Rock’s singing is a joy.” — LA Stage Times
“Kendrick is a rock.” — Grigware [Critic’s Pick]
“Nothing will prepare you for what you’re about to see.” — myBurbank
“Ashworth is a wonder.” — BroadwayWorld
“Not to be missed.” — WillCall
“Ashworth’s facility in these roles, as well as on the keyboard, is impressive.” — LA Stage Times
“The production’s striking emotional resonance and the beauty of its vocal performances.” — Burbank Leader
“Inspiring.” — LA Times
“100% Sweet” — Bitter Lemons

Ovation Recommended

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They like us. They really like us!

Kevin Ashworth and Leslie Stevens transmute these thankless, cliché-ridden roles into gold through their characters’ no-nonsense acceptance of their faults. Like Kinsolving, Ashworth handles a compelling monologue by balancing emotionalism with cold objectivity.Backstage

GO. As her best friend and his younger brother, Leslie Stevens and Kevin Ashworth skillfully provide the broad characters Simon’s audiences had expected up to this point.LA Weekly

As comic relief, Ashworth manages to carry off both loving, supportive brother and serial philanderer.StageSceneLA

Kevin Ashworth sported a funky, thick mustache and often stole the show with his high-energy performance and crazy antics about life.Stu News Laguna

Terrific cast. A rousing revival by a splendid company at the Laguna Playhouse.Daily Pilot

In order to lighten the serious tones, Simon creates flawed buddies for the protagonists, and the play couldn’t do better than Kevin Ashworth’s Leo and Leslie Stevens’ Faye. Ashworth’s playboy Leo looks like a 1970’s version of a young Jack Nicholson with his polyester clothing and his thin mustache.LA Splash

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