How Mormons Fared in 2004 Election

Huntsman R-UT elected
-Matheson D-UT defeated
Romney R-MA not up
Bennett R-UT reelected
-Van Dam D-UT defeated
Crapo R-ID ran unopposed
Hatch R-UT not up
Reid D-NV reelected
Smith R-OR not up
Bishop R-UT reelected
-Thompson D-UT defeated
Cannon R-UT reelected
-Babka D-UT defeated
Doolittle R-CA reelected
Faleomavaega D-AS reelected
Flake R-AZ reelected
Herger R-CA reelected
Istook R-OK reelected
Kennedy D-WI defeated
Matheson D-UT reelected
-Swallow R-UT defeated
McKeon R-CA reelected
Simpson R-ID reelected
Udall D-CO reelected
Udall D-NM reelected
Zupancic R-OR defeated

Current question on my political mind: Given Daschle’s probable defeat, is Harry Reid now the most powerful Mormon in America?

The two Utah governor candidates were running for the first time. All congressional winners ran as incumbents.

Bryan Kennedy and Jim Zupancic appear to be the only losing LDS candidates that weren’t beaten by other Mormons, but good for them for jumping in and going up against incumbents. (UPDATE: I modified this paragraph after adding Zupancic, per Jason Knapp.)

NB: Going against my indepedent streak, I don’t include any 3rd-party candidates. None of them did well and I don’t want to make an incomplete list. Leaving them all out makes for a complete list, see?

See my similar list from two years ago. Let me know if you know about any race results that I’m missing.